Fashion League


The Fashion League is a business hosted by the Art Institutes around the nation designed to promote the fashion department, students, and their work. The goal was to successfully establish a brand identity for the Fashion League that speaks professionally toward possible employers and the general public. Simple, clean, and tasteful graphics allow the fashion [...]



Seattle Community Law has been working with disabled homeless and people on the poverty line dealing with social security issues since 1997. They currently help 800 people annually out of the 8000 people that need their help. One of the programs they offer their clients is called the Disabled Homeless Advocacy Project (created in 2006) [...]

Turkey Bowl 2014


The Turkey Bowl is a football-based event that occurs locally to Bainbridge Island, WA. The Turkey Bowl business identity system will be used annually to promote the Turkey Bowl and awareness toward local charities. The goal was to capably promote Turkey Bowl 2014 and local charities through a business identity, business cards, posters, and T-shirts. [...]